What does an engagement ring mean?

Unlike a promise ring, an engagement ring has only one firm meaning – when you give a diamond engagement ring to someone, you are making a romantic and faithful promise to your relatives, friends and the public that you will join together in marriage and stay with each other for the rest of your lives.

2. Promise Ring vs Engagement RingPresentation

How to give a promise ring depends on the relationship you are in, but it is not as grand as an engagement ring, which marks a change in the couple’s life, but is always a   relaxed and low-key affair. Given that there is no exact agreement on a promise ring, you can be completely creative in offering one. You can wrap it in a jewelry box and give it to her/him as a surprise while watching a movie in the living room, lying in bed or in the car after work. The options of how to give a promise ring are endless.

Giving an engagement ring requires more planning and forethought than a promise ring, as it marks a change in the couple’s relationship. The setting for the engagement ring presentation will typically be a fancy restaurant, surprise party, or a place that is special to both of you and where the proposing party will usually get down on one knee as a sign of sincerity and solemnity. In this case, there may also be many close friends and family members involved in the engagement to witness your special moment.

3. Promise Ring vs Engagement RingDesign

Compared to engagement rings, promise rings are much simpler in design and usually consist of just an inexpensive metal band of silver, tungsten cobalt, titanium or stainless steel, so they can be much less durable. The metal band of a promise ring can be engraved with a meaningful message or designed in a shape that has additional significance. Diamonds can also be set into a promise ring, but they will usually be much smaller than in an engagement ring.

Engagement rings typically follow a specific design and will have at least one diamond set in the center of the ring. Gold and platinum are the most common materials used for diamond engagement ring bands. In addition, diamond engagement rings are given more design possibilities such as the diamond cut, the diamond color, the setting of the diamond, the style of appearance, etc. As a result, diamond engagement rings are more ornate and intricate in design than promise rings. Because of the wide variety of diamond engagement rings available and the fact that many ring brands, such as Darry Ring, offer custom diamond engagement rings, it is easy to find a style that matches your personal style.

4. Promise Ring vs Engagement RingWearing Style

There are actually no clear rules about what finger does a promise ring go on. While people usually choose to wear a diamond promise ring on the ring finger of their left hand. You are more free to wear it on any finger of any hand. Besides, a promise ring can be worn as a pendant for a necklace.

For diamond engagement rings, custom dictates that the engagement ring be worn on the ring finger of the left hand, due to the belief that the ring finger of the left hand is closely connected to the heart. If a diamond promise ring has previously been worn on the left ring finger, couples will often transfer the promise ring to the right ring finger after the proposal.

5. Promise Ring vs Engagement RingPrice

As mentioned earlier, diamond engagement rings are more intricate and ornate in design style than diamond promise rings, and the diamonds in engagement rings are larger than those in diamond promise rings. In addition, the metal band of a diamond engagement ring is more expensive and scarcer than the metal used in a diamond promise ring. As a result, diamond engagement rings are much more expensive than diamond promise rings.