The Value of CGC Comics

Mad started out out as a standard comic in 1952 after which modified to a mag layout in 1955. Are you talking about the usual comic troubles? They are pretty precious.

You may also understand that comedian value is surprisingly depending on situation. I will give you a list from the present day comedian e-book rate guide of values for the Mad comedian problems in 3 conditions: Good, Fine, and Near Mint. Good is your popular used and read comic with creases, minor tears, tanning pages, and many others. But still whole and quite strong.

Fine is for a comic doujin with handiest one or minor flaws, like a couple inch cowl crease or a half” tear. Near Mint is a comedian that looks like it just came off the newsstand with no great flaws. #1: 520/1560/7000, #2: one hundred forty/420/1900m #3,four: 85/255/1150, #five: 148/444/2000, #6-11: sixty one/183/825, #12-15: forty eight/a hundred and forty four/650, #sixteen-23: 38/a hundred and fifteen/525

Of direction comics might be graded in between these values (or below Good if the comedian is quite beat up). These are also retail prices. If you are trying to find to promote comics to a provider, you’ll probable most effective get 30 to 50% of these amounts. Selling on eBay ought to get you into the 40 to 70% range with proper scans and descriptions.

EBay is also an awesome vicinity to visit see how nicely these comics are selling. Old problems of Mad show up pretty often underneath Collectibles/Comics/Golden Age. You can do searches of finished auctions and watch modern auctions to see how they are doing.

You can also understand that Mad was firstly a comedian e-book for the first 23 troubles. The important comedian e-book charge guide, called the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide, does list both the comic ebook and mag sized troubles with expenses, information on artists, and on occasion also facts on stories or spoofs of precise interest. It additionally has data on the Mad Special and Mad Follies issues.

Issues. You may not want to shop for the entire book, which even in tender cover sells for $25, for two or three pages of facts. If so, you can discover them in lots of libraries and just make a few copies. There was also a “Complete Mad” CD-Rom issued a few years returned. I don’t know how entire it’s far, but I’m sure it might be a fantastic aid.

Mad Magazines from the very early Nineteen Sixties have a rate manual cost inside the $50 to $70 range if in newsstand-new condition. If for your common properly-examine and loved circumstance, this will drop to $6-7 every. Prices hold to drop so that in perfect form/nicely-examine shape, by the mid-1960s to overdue Sixties: $30-50/$four-5 every, 1970s: $10-25/$2-3 every

However, these are the price manual fees, which are what shops attempt to get at retail. If you have been seeking to promote them yourself on eBay or to a comedian save, I don’t think you will discover quite a few interest on this time period except they may be in like-new condition. Even then, you’ll likely only get 1/3 to half of the fees indexed above at exceptional.

If those are in genuinely perfect situation, they have a guide price of around $10 each. Even minor flaws might positioned them a great deal decrease. However, the marketplace is pretty tender for Mad Magazines of this period. Looking at the ones sold on eBay within the remaining month, it seems like you would likely be doing well to get $forty or $50 for the lot of them. You will likely discover very little hobby at neighborhood comic stores, however it might be really worth a call or two.

As a long way because the comics pass, the diverse publishers do no longer sell lower back issues as far as I’m aware. However, there are definitely a massive number of comedian stores that sell back issues on the Internet. I deliver all the titles you cited.

While comic e-book publishers have reissued many titles in e book layout, that isn’t always almost as reasonably-priced or convenient because the CD/DVD format you endorse. Why not on CDs? It may be due to concerns approximately placing matters in virtual format, wherein they can be extra simply copied. Or it could be because it seems that maximum lovers want to have an real comedian page in the front of them as opposed to read it on a laptop display.

You can also get a CD with all issues of Mad Magazine: see the Totally Mad collection available on Amazon and elsewhere. Otherwise, there are collectors that exchange scans of comedian problems or post them online for download but I have little knowledge of this. It possibly is going with out announcing that this violates copyright laws.

Though the comics agencies generally do not promote again problems (although Mad /Cracked may, I have not study them on account that my basic faculty days), there are typically scads of again problems available at any comic’s save (not bookstores, but comics dealers -appearance for your nearby telephone book or online). Most again troubles are fairly priced in comparison to new books (although they’ll be 10 instances the duvet price or greater). Expect to spend a couple greenbacks on most. Also there are comics aplenty on eBay, simply look for the titles you want and spot what pops up.

I endorse reproduction of the Overstreet Comics Price Guide available at maximum bookstores. Most of the titles you stated had books out inside the years you indexed, although Spawn wasn’t available in 1988, I don’t suppose.