Finding a Korean Translation Company

Whether you need to translate a document for business purposes or for personal reasons, you should hire a professional Korean translation company. Effective communication between human beings is crucial in building relationships and expressing one’s thoughts.


If you are interested in hiring a Korean translator to help you with your business or personal projects, you may want to consider Gengo. Its crowdsourced translation service is based in Tokyo, Japan and recently announced a $5.4 million Series C round. The company has recently changed its leadership as Matthew Romaine has been named CEO. The new leadership team is committed to offering exceptional service and maintaining a positive customer experience.

Gengo is a leading Korean translation service, with many big-name clients and a technically advanced platform. It offers both written and oral translations and transcription services, but quality can vary greatly depending on the size of your business. Another option is Alta, which uses tools it developed internally to translate documents. Alta is a good choice if you’d prefer not to convert your documents, but you may lose the meaning of certain Korean terms.


One of the many services that Tomedes offers is the translation of websites and marketing materials. A recent client, a software company in Korea, needed a professional Korean translation for their product’s website. The company’s team of translation experts understood local idioms and marketing phrases and completed the project in record time. Their highlyaccurate translations are in demand by pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, and healthcare services.

Tomedes is a renowned translation company with experience serving both personal and business clients. From medical devices to pharmaceutical firms, Tomedes can handle your translation needs. From simple business communications to legal documents, they can help you succeed. Whether you need a translation of a single document to a full-blown translation of a document, Tomedes will exceed your expectations. Contact us for a free quote today.


If you’re looking for a quality Korean translation service, TransPerfect is the answer. Founded in

1992, the company is now a global language solutions provider with over 3,500 employees, 5,000 certified linguists, and 90 offices worldwide. Its mission is to make every document perfect, no matter what the language, and its name speaks volumes. Whether your document is in need of a Korean translation or an English translation, TransPerfect has the right professional to make it happen.

Whether you need a simple document translated, or you need an entire website localized, Transperfect can handle your translation needs. Transperfect’s standard service includes one full translation and two rounds of quality assurance. You can trust their quick turnaround time and guaranteed delivery. While they don’t offer an unlimited number of languages, Transperfect can deliver high-quality translations in a short amount of time. For this reason, Transperfect is a great option for simple documents, as well as website localization and content creation.


As South Korea continues to expand as a tourist destination and a business hub, so does the demand for high-quality Korean translation services. Businessmen close important deals with the local population, while romantics plan their weddings with Korean couples. As a leading korea translation company, TheWordPoint has been in business for almost two decades, providing quality translations for a variety of industries. Let us show you how we do it!

With an established reputation in the translation industry, TheWordPoint offers a wide range of language services. From regular document translation to certified Korean translation, TheWordPoint’s team of linguists is well-versed in all aspects of the industry. Their quality control process ensures that your translated materials communicate your intended message in the intended way. But while quality is important, speed can also compromise accuracy.

LA Translation

There are several Korean translation companies in the United States, but LA Translation is among the best. The company specializes in English to Korean translation and uses freelance translators as well as in-house linguists. Its average turnover is about 2,000 words per day, though that speed can reduce the accuracy. Tomedes offers audiovisual and YouTube translations, as well. The company targets luxury brands and is therefore out of the reach of small businesses.

The quality of Korean translation depends on the experience of the translator. The majority of translators must be native English speakers with advanced education in the Korean language. Since the Korean language has been around for 5000 years, it contains a large number of Chinese characters and a different syntax from English, making mistakes common. A recent example of an error-prone Korean translation is the U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement, which was not passed by the National Assembly.