4 Useful Steps reddit For Writing Great Descriptive Essays

A descriptive essay requires you to write a description about anything you like. It can be about a place, person, memory or experience. It is like sharing your observation with the readers. It requires you to create a detailed image of your experience. Descriptive essay writing can be easy for you if you follow some tactics.

Choose a Topic

At the first stage, you need to choose a good topic for your essay. You can write about your favorite food, movie, music, person or place. You can share an experience that has significance in your life. A descriptive essay requires you to write a detail description about the topic.

It is advised to pick such a topic that may paint an image for the readers. You need to create an emotional connection between your essay and the readers.

Do some Brainstorming

Brainstorming is an important part. After picking up a topic for the descriptive essay, you need to think about the topic. You also need to make a plan how you write the essay from the beginning to the end. Using all the senses, you need to explain everything about the topic. Explain how you felt the thing, how the taste was, how it was sounded and how it was looked like. Do not miss a single detail. Create a list of what you are going to discuss. Draw a structure and outline your essay.

Then thoroughly discuss each and every point. You can also do some research on the topic. For example, you have visited a historical place, and you are going to write a descriptive essay on that. You are going to share everything you know about the place and explain your feelings. But still you need some information about the place, and that is why research is important. Use the literature that helps to boost your brain, for example, the book about brainstorming.

Drafting Your Essay

Start with a catchy introduction that can grab the readers’ attention. Discuss the main idea of the essay. Give the readers a hint what you are going to discuss. Clear your point of view and the purpose of writing the essay. Let the reader know what the essay is going to be about.

The body paragraph is the main descriptive phase. Here, you write the detail description of the topic. Keep in mind that you are always on track. An irrelevant discussion will lose the readers’ attention. In the body part, you can explain your emotion and feelings related to the topic and connect the reader with your essay. Your ultimate task is to portray an image in the readers’ mind so that they can feel your writing.

The conclusion part contains the summary of paper writing service reddit  everything that has been written earlier. Pick some important points about the topic and discuss it here. Remember, the final thing you write will last long in the readers’ mind. So, in this part you can focus on your final point of views related to the topic.